What We Do

Management Consulting

We provide organizationally sensitive solutions to help you get ahead.

With the client’s desired outcome in mind, Innovo analyzes an organization’s current operations, programs, and processes to identify inhibitors to that client’s mission.  Carefully revealing those gaps and providing solutions to overcome them is squarely within Innovo’s capabilities. Innovo provides organizationally sensitive solutions to help its clients get ahead.  Innovo then works with its clients to thoughtfully implement those solutions.

Strategy Consulting

Uncomfortable truths left unconfronted leave your organization vulnerable. We provide objective strategy development.

Most organizations find it difficult to take the time to effectively map out their futures.  The majority of their time is spent managing day-to-day activity, and if the operational tempo is especially high, long-term decision making and incremental execution is too often abandoned.  Likewise, uncomfortable truths are left unconfronted and threats lurk at the core of the organization. Innovo is ready to step in as an objective party to help facilitate the entire strategy development process: from SWOT analysis to the actual publication of new strategy.

Change Management

We understand what it takes to transform an organization while preserving its strength and identity.

Change can be a daunting task for both fresh and even seasoned organizations.  Yet, to survive change, organizations must develop a detailed framework that ensures they will remain competitive across market trends, prevent stagnation as resources accommodate the change, preserve internal and foundational strength, and protect their vision. Developed through experience in demanding military environments and facilitating organizational shifts within higher education, Innovo understands what it takes to transform an organization while preserving its strength and identity.

Development and Fundraising

The art and science of development and fundraising are difficult to master—we can help.

Nonprofits concentrate on two things: their mission and funding their mission.  To accomplish their mission, nonprofits must have processes and metrics that provide feedback and track progression. Furthermore, skillful storytelling is necessary to spur interest in the nonprofit’s work. The art and science of fundraising and development are difficult to master—Innovo can help.


We provide professionals to help you succeed.

Having the right person, in the right place, at the right time is crucial to any organization’s success. Personnel shortages undercut otherwise healthy strategies and initiatives.  With your vision in mind, Innovo will find the personnel you need to accomplish your goals. 


We help you get to the core of your brand and identify how your operations either support that brand or erode it.

The look, expectation, and feeling that a constituent, stakeholder, or customer has about an organization is all important. Besides the actual product or service, an organization’s brand is what cements customer loyalty, or in many non-profit and government cases, renewed funding.  Innovo partners to help organizations get to the core of their brand and identifies how the organization’s operations either support that brand or erode it.

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